Senin, 21 Desember 2009


How groups of men achieve the highest results in expenditure of
given energy.
What is necessary to establish such conditions.
What are the most desirable opportunities.
What are desirable industries.
Why the need of building up habit-action.
How a group of men, through team work, acquires a group habit- action by
which their product greatly exceeds the product of the same number of
men working without cooperation.
How the individual ability and skill, as well as the group ability
and skill is only to be acquired by repetition that establishes
Why repetition of operation is essential to acquisition of skill
and special ability.
What are the boundaries that divide the Jack of all Trades, the
specialist and the victim of an overdose of repetition work.
Why industrial managers should know the cardinal principles of
invention, of industrial engineering, industrial management,
industrial relations and the human factor in engineering and in
the industries.
Why a plant may be growing in size and paying dividends and may
still be dead so far as the spirit of enterprise is concerned.
Why some men try to manage industrial plants regardless of the
cardinal principles of progress of workers and the state.
Why the ideal conditions for the workers and executives can only
be found in an industrial establishment that can successfully
compete with others.
These "whys", "whos" and "whats" are of importance to all and
suggest a line of thought and interest in this industrial

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